Gano Engine Coolant Filters

Protect your engine and cooling system, maintain efficiency and monitor coolant condition. A valuable improvement to any car.


Designed to fit in the radiator top hose (or the engine side of a marine heat-exchanger), the patented Gano Engine Coolant Filter traps rust, scale and other debris and prevents the gradual blocking of the tiny passages of the radiator core which often occurs undetected until too late.


In addition to maintaining peak cooling efficiency and preventing possibly disastrous overheating and engine damage, the Gano filter provides a window into your cooling system and is a valuable diagnostic tool. Coolant condition can readily be seen as can thermostat operation and cylinder-head gasket problems.


The "lobster-pot" double gauze traps dirt preventing it dropping back to the engine; when necessary the unit can be removed, cleaned and refitted. It should provide many years of service.

Hand-made to exacting standards, the materials are the highest quality, the filter screens are of marine grade brass, copper or stainless steel; the transparent housing is 3mm thick polycarbonate tube; it is strong and thermally stable to 150C plus.


The filter is a full flow device and when fitted correctly does not impede coolant flow; circulation being limited chiefly by the thermostat port, radiator core and engine waterways.


Due to the elegant and compact design the filter will not spoil the underbonnet view of Vintage and Classic cars nor compromise authenticity.


Three sizes cover almost all car, commercial and boat engine applications. Fitting kit and instructions included.


         We supply throughout Europe.

Please contact us if you need to discuss your application.  

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                                                      RADIATOR FACTS


The cooling system, compared to say oil and fuel systems is often ignored. You might check the level, prod the fan belt, top up the anti-freeze, that's it. But consider what the system has to do. A piston engine is only a third efficient at producing useful power, the next third is heat lost down the exhaust and the rest is disippated through the radiator. So a 100 bhp car needs to lose 100 hp through its radiator; that's 75 kW -  more than the outpout of a large domestic boiler or an industrial space-heater. And that's just for 100bhp. So keep it clean...


The Gano filter is recommended by Star Engineering, probably Europe's best vintage radiator restorer and manufacturer. They build both honeycomb and film radiators for the world's greatest cars; Bentley, Hispano, Rolls-Royce, Lagonda, Mercedes, even the Wheatcroft Bugatti Royales.







                      TECHNICAL & FAQs

The cleaner the waterways are prior to fitting the filter the better and the less it will need cleaning following installation. Where possible we recommend back flushing the radiator.

In addition consider the overall state of the cooling system - is the anti-freeze correct? Is internal corrosion a problem? Is there oil or grease present - this can help dirt build-up on radiator core surfaces. Sometimes a cooling system cleaner designed to dissolve scale and rust is desirable; so called 'water wetters' can improve heat transfer too.



LEAK STOPPERS. There are many available and most are highly effective at blocking holes. But obviously they do nothing to help circulation or heat transfer; furthermore the cheaper particle-based products are not  compatible with the Gano filter.


Dismantle to clean


                               HOSE SIZES

The three filter sizes cover most common rad hoses but in some cases using a hose reducer may allow for a better fit or a larger filter to be installed. Silicone hose reducers are widely available e.g.



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